Yoga & Osteopathy

The main reasons why people of all ages, sizes and different backgrounds join a yoga class are:

  • to find inner peace and balance
  • to release strains and stresses
  • to address back, shoulder, hip and other problems and, generally,
  • to stay fit and healthy

Yoga can help to achieve all of that and combined with Osteopathy, the two can have an extremely positive effect on general health.

We are all living a very fast paced lifestyle, which often gives us no space and leaves no time to come back to ourselves and heal naturally, and by the time we realise something is wrong, it’s high time to deal with our overloaded minds and bodies.

One or more appointments with an Osteopath can help to ‘set things straight’ and to restore physical balance. Once we are beginning to feel whole once more, with a new sense of balance and it seems like energy is flowing again, it is possible to improve and maintain this incredible feeling of inner equilibrium, alignment and calm by strengthening, lengthening and toning our bodies with the regular practice of yoga.

There are many yoga classes on offer and there are many osteopaths, but it is important that you find the right people to help you. Find out, for example:

  • how long your practitioner or teacher has been practising
  • where they trained, how long for and what qualifications they have
  • read testimonials
  • ask questions
  • stay away from online yoga classes, as you won’t be adjusted or receive tips on certain conditions

As a highly qualified teacher and yoga therapist with more than 15 years of teaching experience and over 25 years of practice I often send people to a good osteopath.  It may be that they haven’t been treated for a while or they keep complaining about the same issues. Then, it is clear to me that they need their annual or 6 monthly osteopathy MOT to straighten things out and make space in areas that are difficult to access just through yoga.

In my classes at Mumu Yoga I particularly focus on corestability, proper breathing and correct alignment which are usually the main areas of weakness both at beginner and at advanced level. A weakness in any of these areas can lead to problems. However, you will find, as you grow in your practice, that you may be able to reduce your visits to the osteopath.

Yoga is a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. We are in charge of our own health and wellbeing, we are not doomed to have to suffer the effects of bad posture and misalignment but instead can chose to keep our bodies supple through movement, so that it’s not just our organs and bones that are blessed with more space but also our minds.  Muriel Mueller, Mumu Yoga.

mumu yoga

Teddington Osteopaths encourage patients to exercise, improve and maintain suppleness and strengthen their bodies. Yoga is a great way to achieve this. Thank you to Muriel Mueller of Mumu Yoga for this guest blog.

For more information on how yoga & osteopathy can help you call Muriel at Mumu Yoga on tel: 07761 812190 email: or the team at Teddington Osteopaths on tel: 0208 977 3295



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