How do you Treat Shin Splints with Sports Massage?

Dawny Christien, Sports Massage Therapist

Runners, sports people and good active folk alike are aware of how painful shin splints can be. A horrid burning pain around the shin bone, sometimes coupled with muscle cramps and a deep bone ‘ache’ feeling. Sports massage can help.

This condition, while often quite sudden in its onset, can really interrupt any training plan, and certainly gets in the way of those new years resolutions!

Thankfully, sports massage has been recognised as an effective treatment for shin splints. Your therapist will make a full assessment of the affected area, and will advise as to the treatment plan. This may involve a course of cryo and thermo therapy (cold and heat!), massage, stretching, trigger point therapy and stabilising exercises… most likely a combination of all of these. In any case, you’ll know exactly how to get back on your feet as fast as possible.

Left untreated, shin splints can go from bad to worse, even causing stress fractures to the shin bone and, in extreme cases, muscle and bone separation. So best not to delay; start your treatment as soon as possible.

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