The pain of being a rugby player! Autumn Newsletter

We have much to cover in our Autumn Newsletter; from the introduction of our new sports massage therapist, Camilla Peirse, to a special personal training offer from Vicki Clubley.

Vicki has written a blog for us on strength training so, if the 2015 Rugby World Cup has inspired you or if you just want to get fitter and stronger, read on to find out more.

We also have information on how osteopathy can help with the aches and pains suffered by rugby players and our foot health care practitioner offers some useful advice on caring for your feet during the cold months of the year, particularly if you suffer from chilblains.

2015 Rugby World Cup the Pain of being a Rugby Player

Good luck to everyone involved in the 2015 Rugby World Cup and remember you may want to check road closures and match times if you are visiting us on a match day.


Are you suffering from rugby-related aches and pains?

Most rugby players experience time out due to rugby injuries. Given the demands and physicality of the modern game this is hardly a surprise. The team at Teddington Osteopaths can help with diagnosing and treating injuries as well as giving advice on training, stretching and injury prevention. Ceira Kinch, one of our osteopaths, has worked with high level rugby teams for many years, providing both pitch side care as well as ongoing injury management. She is ideally placed to give you the benefit of her experience and expertise. Contact us on tel: 020 8977 3295 for more information.

Strength Training and Injury Prevention

There are many myths and misunderstandings surrounding strength training which can lead some people to favour a more cardio-based approach to their fitness routine.

Some people may avoid this style of training because they believe it will lead them to build muscle and become bulky. If general weight management is the goal, many assume that aerobic activity should be the focus. Others simply may not know how to incorporate strength training into their schedule; seeing it as complex and intimidating. To find out more about the benefits of strength training read Vicki’s blog.


Vicki is offering 20% off personal training between now and the end of October 2015. You can take advantage of this offer by contacting her on: 07970 386077, alternatively you can visit her website

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Welcome Camilla Peirse, Sports Massage Therapist

Camilla trained at St. Mary’s University as a sports massage therapist in 2009. She brings with her a wealth of experience treating a wide range of soft tissue complaints including sports injuries and muscle tension. She has also spent two years treating adults and children with neuromuscular conditions such as multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injuries. She loves the challenge of working with each individual’s unique biomechanics and helping them to achieve their goals, whatever they may be.

Camilla recently won a place on the internship programme at Lee Valley Athletics were she will treat elite athletes as part of a dedicated team of experts, therapists and coaches.

Since her early days on the lacrosse field playing for Kent and Middlesex counties to currently challenging her opponents on the tennis courts, Camilla is a keen all-round sports woman.

Foot Care During the Cold Months of the Year

We all tend to neglect our feet during the cold months of the year, mainly because we tend to keep them covered up! According to our foot health care practitioner, Julie-nne Monahan, most common problems such as dry, itchy skin can be prevented through basic foot care (regular moisturising and hygiene). So, act now to avoid problems later.

One of the most common winter conditions affecting feet are chilblains. Chilblains appear as small, itchy swellings or bumps on the skin a few hours after exposure to the cold.  Chilblains often affect the toes and heels. They can change skin colour and they may blister and cause the skin to break down which could lead to a small ulcer. Follow the link for more information about chilblains, how to prevent and treat them. Alternatively, contact us on tel: 0208 977 3295.


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