The Benefits of Exercise in Winter

At this time of the year, with the cold, dark nights drawing in, we are often tempted by the lure of the sofa.  Many of us are inclined to stay indoors, keep warm and forget all about exercising our bodies. Here are six good reasons why keeping active in the winter is vital for good health:

  1. It is well documented that people who exercise regularly reduce their risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, certain cancers, diabetes and osteoporosis so, why would you stop exercising for half of the year?
  2. Exercise can also help in the battle against depression. Some people report that their symptoms increase in the winter so it is wise to stay active. The winter is also a time when people feel more tired and lethargic, however, exercise is known to improve sleep patterns and energy levels.
  3. Exercising outdoors throughout the winter will help to top up vitamin D levels as our skin makes vitamin D from the ultra-violet light in sunlight. Low levels of vitamin D can lead to lower bone density and make us more prone to brittle bones as we get older.
  4. Regular exercise in conjunction with a good stretching routine keeps us strong and supple and prevents joints from feeling stiff. Stretching is hugely beneficial during the cold months when our bodies are more prone to stiffness as our bodies combat the cold (by hunching, for example), and our activity levels drop.
  5. Exercise can help to avoid winter weight gain. The combination of inactivity and eating comfort foods to make us feel better can cause weight to pile on during the winter. Staying active should help to combat this.
  6. Exercise raises our body temperature and keeps us warm naturally – could there be the added bonus of lowering our heating bills?!

So, when you are tempted to put off that brisk winter walk, the invigorating swim, or gym session, think again and do your body and your general health a favour …. go for it!

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Always remember to seek expert advice before commencing a new exercise programme.




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