I have been seeing Lubica for acupuncture since I was diagnosed with very painful TMJ dysfunction - deep pain in my jaw - several months ago.  Lubica has been extremely attentive and professional and possesses a strong knowledge of both Chinese and Western medicine.  My sessions with Lubica have always been extremely relaxing and have greatly helped in managing my condition.  In addition to the acupuncture itself Lubica has complimented my treatment with the use of moxa sticks heat therapy and at times cupping - all of which have resulted in greatly reduced discomfort levels.  I strongly recommend Lubica.



I received a reflexology treatment from Julie-nne.  I filled in a comprehensive questionnaire and she explained the benefits of reflexology, what would happen during the treatment and how I may feel during and afterwards.  The treatment table was comfortable, the room was warm and softly lit and music played quietly in the background. The treatment lasted about an hour and was very enjoyable and relaxing.  Afterwards, I felt at peace and relaxed for the rest of the day.  The whole experience was uplifting and I have booked more sessions. The practice is a friendly, caring and well run organisation which I have attended for a number of years



I came to see Lubica for acupuncture to compliment treatment by strong drugs that I was receiving from my GP. With Lubica's knowledge of both western and Chinese medicine my treatment was completed with hardly any side-effects whatsoever. Her understanding and professional approach was extremely reassuring and I unreservedly recommend her.



I have the most horrible and ugly feet and toenails ever! I heard about your foot healthcare practitioner being very good and after seeing a few chiropodists who were negative, expensive and not very nice, I made an appointment with Julie-nne not expecting anything better. I could not have been more surprised, what a lovely lady!  She put me at ease and suggested what could be done to make things better, when I told her I was going on holiday and dreading getting my feet out she told me that she would do a medi-pedi and I would be fine and I believe her, I am now looking forward to my holiday. I would highly recommend Teddington Osteopaths from the great receptionist onwards.



Twickenham, Middlesex

I had severe neck pain for over two years and had tried numerous treatments with little improvement. After a couple of acupuncture treatments with Lubica there was a noticeable difference and with a few follow up treatments she has virtually cleared my pain. Thank you so much to Lubica, a lovely, caring, professional, for making such a huge difference and helping when no one else could. Highly recommended!


Civil Servant

Hampton Hill, Middlesex

Three years ago I was new in Teddington but having a chronic back and neck issue I went to Teddington Osteopaths Clinic. Stuart is very experienced, knowledgeable, intuitive and professional, and always gives very good advice. The treatments I am receiving, have eased the pain and helped me to pursue a normal life.


IT Consultant

Stevenage, Herts

In acute circumstances the whole team have leapt into action to help me out of pain! I have been thrilled with the gentle, considerate and thorough care that I have received. Many thanks to Janet and the other Teddington Osteopaths.


Part-time Teacher


I was very keen to have a natural birth after an emergency C-section with my first son. Janet also treated my son with cranial osteopathy shortly after he was born. I still see Janet for regular MOT’s and would not hesitate in recommending her to family and friends.


Pre-school Assistant


Janet has treated our whole family over the last 7 years - performing cranial osteopathy for each of our two children when they were born, and she has an amazing way of treating you which is both gentle and effective. We would highly recommend her and the team at Teddington Osteopaths.


Freelance Marketing Consultant

Hampton Hill

I have been treated by Janet for nearly 15 years. It is a very friendly practice where you feel safe and well cared for.


Busy Mum


I love the friendliness of the practice but also the efficiency. Receptionists are always welcoming and I always leave feeling more than happy with the treatment. The practice always looks clean and tidy and staff well presented. Keep up the good work and high standards!



Hampton Hill

I first came to this practice a few years ago with agonising back pain and so was prioritised with a same day appointment. I've been visiting ever since.

Dr Helen J



Treatment has focussed on finding ways to gradually improve my mobility to get me back to actively taking part in sport. I regularly take part in three training sessions a week and exercise without any pain. There is a really nice vibe, a great environment to be treated in, and a great team.


Director of Mobility


I have been treated by the team for neck, back, knee and foot problems. Endlessly cheerful and accommodating receptionists, especially Stuart’s mum. Sweeties always on offer but don’t like the lime ones!



I was successfully treated by Janet for a badly cricked neck. I was pleasantly surprised to find that, at the time of writing, a half hour session is £13 less than a well-regarded sports physiotherapists in Richmond.


Civil Servant


I have been a regular visitor to Teddington Osteopaths over the past 10 years. A professional practice with a welcoming atmosphere and an excellent success rate. I cannot recommend Teddington Osteopaths highly enough.




I have been receiving treatment from Janet Bell throughout my second pregnancy. She is professional, knowledgeable, supportive and reassuring. I would definitely recommend this practice to anyone during their pregnancy or otherwise.


full-time mum


I’ve always found Stuart's calm, caring professionalism extremely reassuring...  And there’s always a warm welcome from all the team too!"


Market Research Consultant


The initial contact via e-mail with Stuart was very helpful and encouraging, and gave me the confidence to proceed. The best thing about Teddington Osteopaths is the people who work there.


Teaching Assistant


I am 65, and I believe investing in foot-care with Foot Health Practitioner Julie-nne is a very sensible use of my money and I would gladly pay more than the very reasonable fee charged. Julie-nne is professional and charming and I look forward to my 3 monthly visit.




I was treated by Janet Bell for back pain. I liked Janet’s professionalism and ability. The strengths of the practice are friendliness and efficiency.



Hampton Wick

Julie-nne dealt with my painful nails very professionally and sensitively. She and the practice always make me very welcome. I highly recommend her.


Retired Professional


I came to Ceira with an acute case of Plantar Fasciitis. She devised a weekly programme of treatment with her, and recommended exercises. After six weeks I am back out running and training for races. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Ceira.


Lanscape Gardener


I've been going for over 3 years. I’ve been to many osteopaths. Teddington Osteopaths are easily the best. A really highly qualified and experienced team, that deliver a friendly and warm service, coupled with best in class treatment. Couldn't recommend them more.


EMEA Software Manager


Stuart is a brilliant Osteopath – knowledgeable, gentle and dedicated. He does a fantastic job keeping my lower back and general tension problems at bay.


Retired Teacher

Hampton Wick