Tailored Treatment Plans – Not Just For Elite Athletes

Our sports massage therapist offers some thoughts on tailored treatment plans and how a plan can help if you are training for the London Marathon or any other sporting event.

“I have been working¬†with the development squad at Lee Valley Athletics¬†for 8 weeks. The development squad is made up of 30 talented sprinters and middle distance runners all dreaming of making it to¬†the Rio 2016¬†Olympics.

Their training involves more intensive cycles of endurance, strength, and plyometric programmes aimed at creating some of the fastest athletes in the world. The expectations on the athletes are high. Only those who prove the utmost determination and dedication to their sport will truly get the chance to qualify.

Our job as therapists is to keep the physical stress to a minimum by relieving taught muscle, identifying and treating imbalances and reminding the athletes of the importance of nutrition and good quality sleep for repair and maintenance.

Some of you may be a few weeks into your training for the London Marathon in April 2016 or you may be training for another sports event. Don’t underestimate the level¬†of stress on your¬†mind and¬†body as we head into winter. Remember, tailored treatment plans are not just for elite athletes and prevention is better than cure.”

Camilla Peirse_bw

Camilla Peirse, Sports Massage Therapist, Teddington Osteopaths.

For further advice or to book an appointment with Camilla or with one of our team of Osteopaths call us on 020 8977 3295.



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