Tackling Post Holiday Blues

Whilst not generally regarded as a serious condition, most of us will have experienced the post-holiday blues to some degree.

Returning from a holiday and going back to work or study after an extended period of rest and relaxation and/or fun-filled activities can leave us feeling depressed, emotional and anxious and can cause us to feel dissatisfied with our everyday lives.

Here are some things we can do to help combat those pesky blues:

  • Think about why you are feeling ‘blue’ and about the positive action you can take to help lift your mood.
  • Consider setting some goals for the future, think about your career, study or personal life goals. Start taking steps to achieve some of these goals.
  • Make plans so you have things to look forward to.  Start planning another holiday, organise days out either on your own or with friends, or simply take a walk in the park or have a coffee with a colleague.
  • Do more of the things that you enjoy and maybe try some new activities – listen to music, read more, join a choir, sign up for a dance class or an art class, etc
  • Practice a little self-care – exercise, eat healthily, reduce alcohol intake, look after your skin, take a relaxing bath, visit the hairdressers or book a massage.
  • Practice some gentle yoga and/or meditation.

Being pro-active can make us feel more in control of our lives. Also, small treats and making time for ourselves can often make us feel better and lift our spirits.

Post-holiday blues are generally short-lived and are not a sign of a serious mental disorder. Most of us soon settle back into our every day routines and start feeling ‘back to normal’.  However, do speak with your GP if you feel that your mood is not lifting and you continue to have feelings of anxiety, low mood and depression for a more prolonged period.


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