Suriya, Hampton Hill

I decided to try acupuncture for an ongoing health matter. I was seen and treated by Alex Murry. Alex is a true professional and experienced practitioner in chronic and trauma matters. He made me feel at ease with the type of treatment I would be having, and what to expect during and after.

I experienced a treatment called “cupping” for the first time, this was different to anything else that I have had before and I felt for the first time in many months pain free for many days. The “bruising look” that was left after did not hurt or mattered to me at all. I have had a few more session since. The acupuncture needles used were so gentle that there was no discomfort at all.

I was impressed that Alex made a positive difference to my wellbeing through his treatment and highly recommend anyone to give it a go.

The location of the Teddington Practice is easy to get to, with free close by parking. The staff are warm and welcoming and are always there to help you where they can, offering 5 star customer service.

Overall an excellent experience, highly recommend it.




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