Spring News, Competitions and Theatre Reviews

Easter Weekend Opening

Friday 30th March – Closed

Saturday 31st March 8.30am-5.30pm

Sunday 1st April – Closed

Monday 2nd April – Closed

Spring News

Children’s Foot health

We are delighted to introduce a new podiatry service.  The foot health check for children is designed to encourage good foot care from an early age and to help reassure parents if they have any concerns about their children’s feet.  Please contact us for more information 020 8977 3295.

Are your feet getting further away from your body?

For some of us, particularly as we get older, cutting our toe nails is an impossible feat.  We may even begin to wonder if our feet are getting further away from our bodies or if our arms are getting shorter! 

The actual reasons are, of course, much more straightforward. Poor eyesight, poor flexibility, arthritis, back pain, and other medical conditions, or a combination of these, is usually why we are unable to cut our own toe nails or even examine our feet. The podiatry team at Teddington Osteopaths can help.

We provide a toe nail cutting service suitable for healthy nails. These appointments are charged at £25 for up to 15 minutes.  Note that certain nail conditions such as fungal nails, in growing toe nail, etc cannot be treated within this time frame.  However, we also offer treatment for these conditions and many other foot and lower limb problems.

Walk, Run, Treat, Repeat

With so many of our patients participating in various Spring or Summer events such as the London MoonWalk, the Hampton Court Palace Half marathon, the London Marathon, the Bushy Park Spring 10K and so on,  our osteopaths and massage specialists are on hand to offer advice about the aches, pains and injuries that can limit training or even prevent you from taking part eg runner’s knee and plantar fasciitis.  Similarly, our podiatrist can advise on specific foot problems and also offer advice on footwear.  We wish you all good luck, whatever your challenge!

‘My grandmother started walking five miles a day when she was sixty. She’s ninety-seven now, and we don’t know where the heck she is’Ellen DeGeneres

Competition & Spring Offers

Spring competition – Win a 30 Minute Treatment

To celebrate the start of Spring we are running a competition.  For a chance  to win a  treatment with our Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, Lubica Stubnova, send us an email stating your name and telephone number together with the answer to the following question.

What are the body’s energy pathways known as in Traditional Chinese Medicine?  Is it:

1.            Meridians

2.            Qi

3.            Acupuncture

The Closing date is Saturday 31st March 2018. The winner will be selected at random on Tuesday 3rd April 2018.

Spring Offers

•             Five acupuncture treatments for the price of four with Lubica Stubnova

•             £20 off when you book 4 massage treatments in advance with Cindy Milway

Fiver Fest 15-30 March

We are delighted to be participating in the Teddington Fiverfest.  Our offers are Biofreeze gel, Hot and Cold Packs and Gehwol Blau Foot Cream.  The offer is limited to one of each item per customer and available while stocks last.  

For more information regarding the above or on any of our treatments please speak to the reception team.

Brief Encounter

Finally, it is not very often that we wish one of our patients to ‘break a leg’!

We highly recommend Brief Encounter Live on Stage.  Our very talented patient, Isabel Pollen, is superb as the leading lady.  So ….. break a leg Issy! 









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