Sports Injury & Massage

Sports Injury and Rehabilitation

Our sports injury clinic at Teddington Osteopaths includes a wealth of experienced practitioners who will be able to help and advise whatever the injury and however it was sustained, for the professional athlete to the first-time jogger. We can advise whether you would be best to see a sports therapist, physio or osteopath.

Sometimes a sports injury is caused by direct trauma (e.g. sprained ankle ligaments) and others are known as overuse injuries (e.g. tennis elbow). Whatever the cause, and whatever your level of skill, it can be extremely frustrating to be prevented from participating in your chosen activity by an injury.

We have osteopaths who can diagnose and treat musculoskeletal injuries, and indeed many of our osteopaths have specialist interests and skills in certain sports.

In our sports rehabilitation and massage clinic, we have Vikki Bradley, a sports rehabilitation and massage specialist, and Daniel Whiley, an advanced clinical massage and sports massage practitioner, who comes from a dance background. Below are some of the services they are able to offer…

Sports Rehabilitation

Sports rehab is similar to physiotherapy (or physio), and covers all kinds of sporting or exercise related injuries:

Sports Massage

Very much a therapy for sports people and laypeople alike, sports massage incorporates a range of skills from deep tissue massage and myofascial release to assisted and corrective stretching.

Your sports massage therapist is skilled in improving the range of motion in the joints and muscles, and finding the root cause of any imbalances, e.g. we often find our upper shoulders tighten as a result of weakness and tension lower down the spine. Soft tissue therapy is ideal for those suffering from tight, painful and restricted muscles, and your therapist has the skills and experience to assess injury and refer on to the osteopaths where needed.

Sports massage is the treatment of choice for active sports people looking to either condition their body in preparation for an event, such as a marathon or football match, or to aid their recovery programme, and by working in tandem with their physio or sports therapist, massage is widely understood to be the secret weapon in staying injury free for most athletes.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage works through the superficial layers of our tissues and aims to release, stretch and relax the deeper layers of muscle and fascia. Popular with people who experience high stress levels. Deep tissue massage can also help to restore good sleep patterns and provide relief from pain and tension.

Potential health benefits may include:

Is Sports Massage painful?

No, and your therapist will communicate throughout the session to ensure that the techniques, while often quite direct, do not cause pain.

How many treatments will I need?

This depends entirely on the issues that present themselves, but your therapist is dedicated to getting you pain free and functioning as soon as is possible. They will also give you stretches and exercises to do yourself which will speed your recovery.

I am training towards a big sporting event, should I get a Sports Massage?

That’s what Andy Murray, Mo Farah, Jessica Ennis, the England Rugby teams and pretty much every competitive sports person out there is doing as part of their training, preparation and recovery… so yes, it’s a really good idea!

We’d be very happy to discuss who may be best for your particular needs.