Reduction of Thick Fungal Nails

Do you have fungal toe nails? Are they thick and difficult to cut? Are you currently using, or considering using, a paint-on anti-fungal treatment?

Then, nail plate reduction may work for you and help to improve the efficacy of your anti-fungal treatment.

You can aid and improve the efficacy of your paint-on anti-fungal lacquers (i.e. Curanail, Loceryl) by having the nail professionally reduced back to near the nail bed by our podiatrist/chiropodist or foot healthcare practitioner.  The procedure is quick and painless.

Normally it can take months and months of regular application of anti-fungal lacquer to penetrate thick toe nails.  However, by reducing the nail plate the lacquer has a better chance of penetrating the nail and treating it successfully.

In severe cases surgical removal of the nail by our podiatrist using local anaesthetic may be advised to allow even better efficacy of the treatment or where electric file reduction is not an option.

Have the treatment now before you start wearing sandals again next year!

For more information or to book an appointment please call our reception team on Tel: 020 8977 3295.

Note that final results and effectiveness of treatment will depend on the patient applying an anti-fungal product to the nail regularly and as directed.



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