Nutritional Therapy

Alasdair is a qualified Nutritional Therapist (BANT, CNHC) with a practice focused primarily on autoimmune disease and brain health. Alasdair tells us:

“From an autoimmune perspective, the most common conditions I see are inflammatory bowel disease, hypothyroid/hyperthyroid, coeliac, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, MS, psoriasis, Type 1 diabetes and although they present differently in terms of tissue affected they all have their origin in the fact that their immune system is targeting self tissue rather than solely foreign pathogens.

The standard healthcare model is to medicate to either block inflammatory signals/suppress the immune system or to simply replace hormones (insulin, thyroxine etc) without finding out the reason why the immune system is dysregulated.

My role is to identify what is driving this dysregulation with my client. Inflammation triggers autoimmune flares so if my clients’ diet and lifestyle are driving inflammation then the medications are less effective and are required in higher doses. Each client is different so it is about working out what are their personal triggers:

·       Sleep

·       Stress

·       Nutrient deficiencies

·       Blood sugar imbalances

·       Food sensitives

·       Hormone imbalances

·       Gut dysbiosis

·       Chemical intolerances

Their intake questionnaire, symptom presentation and any blood tests give clues as to which areas we need to target. Sometimes further functional testing is needed such as stool sampling, SIBO breath test, nutrient levels, and hormone DUTCH testing. Each client then receives a personalised health plan based on which areas need tackling first.

Due to this wide range of drivers, I see a variety of conditions that I can help with. Joint pain, digestive issues (bloating, acid reflux, constipation, diarrhoea), fatigue, brain fog.

This is an overview of how I work but I am happy to sit down and chat with anyone that wants to know more‚ÄĚ.

Alasdair Gray

Tel 07984065431



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