Move in the Right Direction in 2023

A Walk in the Park

Whether its walking the dog or doing a few lengths in the pool, hitting the slopes or cycling around the park, we are here to help you tackle the musculoskeletal issues that may be preventing you from pursuing your favourite activities, or even getting on with your everyday life. Our highly qualified and experienced practitioners offer a range of treatments from osteopathy to podiatry, as well as rehab, massage and acupuncture. They will assess, treat and advise and agree a plan of action to help you to move in the right direction in 2023. Call us on 020 8977 3295 for more information or visit our website today.

And … when stress is the problem

We often suffer stress when we are exposed to high levels of mental, emotional or physical strain. Undoubtedly the past couple of years and current circumstances are taking their toll on our stress levels. Furthermore, we are seeing reports that stress is on the increase in children and young adults. So, what can we do to help ourselves and our children? If you cannot take away the cause of the stress then breathing exercises, meditation, regular exercise, eating well and finding time to relax will all help. Additionally, many of our treatments can help to relieve symptoms which can often be attributed to the stresses of everyday life; muscle tension, stiff neck, tight shoulders, back discomfort, inability to relax, to name but a few. Take control of your stress in 2023.

Where’s Ruth?

Ruth Head, one of our osteopaths, is spending the next two months treating skiers and snow borders in Morzine in the French Alps. This is not Ruth’s first season on the slopes, Ruth has previously worked in the Alps treating locals, tourists, and instructors, and was involved in preparing competitors for races as well as treating general injuries. No doubt she will be venturing out on her snow board too but, fear not, she will be back at the Teddington clinic from the beginning of April 2023. Until then, our other osteopaths are happy to help.

No such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing!

Dan Whiley, massage therapist, sees many patients who attribute tightness in their back, neck and shoulders to the cold weather and the affect it has on their posture. So, wrap up warm to keep your upper back relaxed and to reduce discomfort from muscle tightness during the Winter.

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching

Have you considered giving your loved one a voucher for one of our relaxing treatments?

Let our Blogs do the talking

Don’t forget to check out the ‘Talk’ page on our website which is full of informative blogs and previous newsletters to help you and your family stay healthy and make the most of the treatments that we have on offer.

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