Marathon Training: 8 Weeks To Go…

Stuart Walker, Osteopath

As many of you may know, either through my droning on about it or through getting an email requesting sponsorship, I will be running this year’s London Marathon

This will be my first marathon, and most definitely my last! Living in our relatively sedentary, mechanised society has not prepared me for such an endurance challenge. As one¬†patient remarked; they don’t call it a¬†marathon for nothing!

For those of you who don’t know the history of the marathon, it is run in honour of Pheidippides an ancient Greek who ran the 26 miles non-stop from the battle of Marathon back to Athens to report the Greeks victory over the Persians in 490 BC. On arrival he exclaimed ‘we won’ then promptly died. I hope I’ll not be sharing his final fate!

A few insights gained thus far from training:

  1. It is very long and rather boring. An MP3 player helps to alleviate the boredom. Try down-loading an audio-book for additional distraction.
  2. It takes up a lot of time. Be prepared to set aside 8-10 hours per week minimum and the commitment goes up as the date nears.
  3. It is vital to stretch. After every run I stretch for about 20 minutes. I also find myself stretching throughout the day in between patient consultations.
  4. Get¬†treatment for niggles and strains early. Training on an injury¬†won’t get it better!
  5. Consider preventative care: I’ve been getting weekly osteopathy or sports massage treatments to prevent the build-up of muscle tension and joint dysfunctions.
  6. There’s a mass of good info and advice out there, sometimes the amount can be a little off-putting, but trawl through and find the bits that seem relevant to you.

And, remember, if in doubt ask a professional. All the team at Teddington Osteopaths are skilled in treating and managing sports injuries as well as helping with advice on event planning and preparation.



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