Make Back Health Your New Year’s Resolution

Starting the New Year with a whole host of unrealistic resolutions is a sure way to set yourself up for failure.  However, if resolving to improve your back health is one of them, it may be easier than you think and may just be a question of making some simple adjustments to your current lifestyle.  So, follow our tips to increase your chances of success:

  • Check your posture.  Make 2017 a slouch-free zone.
  • Drink more water.  Staying hydrated is important for disc health.
  • Lift with caution.  Use common sense when lifting heavy objects  – ask for help, bend your knees, etc.
  • Ensure your workstation is correctly set up and don’t spend too long sitting in one position – remember that standing is good for you!
  • Try to exercise more – incorporate a walk into your daily routine.  Try swimming, yoga or pilates – all recommended for good back health.  Also, try a few simple stretches – your osteopath can recommend some that are suitable for you.
  • Get more ‘quality’ sleep.  Check that your mattress and pillows are not over their recommended life span and make sure that you have the right support where you need it.
  • Being overweight can put added strain on joints and muscles – try to lose a few excess pounds if you need to.
  • Visit your osteopath before that nasty niggle becomes a full blown problem.  Maintenance sessions with your practitioner may also help to keep back problems at bay.

We recommend that you discuss the above with your GP or osteopath if you currently have a serious back problem.  You should also seek medical advice before embarking on a new exercise programme or a new healthy eating regime.

Do not spend another year wishing that your back problem would just go away, commit to put it right in 2017!

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