How does Kinesiology Tape Work?

All taped up and ready to go!  Kinesiology taping is a hot topic amongst runners, athletes and musculoskeletal health professionals alike. A recent surge in the popularity of Kinesiology tape has brought it to the forefront of treatment options for many practitioners.

At Teddington Osteopaths, myself and Osteopath, Ceira Kinch, are both advocates of using the tape as part of our ‘box of tools’ to ease pain and dysfunction. The results, from a personal point of view, are extremely encouraging and, let’s face it, it looks so cool you’ll feel like the Fonz of the park run, or the gym, or the pool ….

On a more serious note, pain often stops us, tires us and, ultimately, it is our body telling us something is wrong. Kinesiology taping, as part of a detailed, professional assessment and treatment, is a good way of using this high tech approach to rehab.

How does Kinesiology Tape work?

The idea is to create areas of decompression, affecting the layers of tissue beneath, thus reducing pain from adhesions and tension.

It can also be used as an additional tool in treating postural problems, as we can ‘excite’ and ‘depress’ the muscles to change the way we use our bodies, as well as using the tape to nag us rotten to hold ourselves better.

So much of modern life, whether in front of a computer or driving a car, trains us to be hunched over and deforms our posture and undermines our efforts. I find that Kinesiology tape can offer a reliable helping hand.

To find out more about the cause of your discomfort and how Kinesiology taping might help or to make an appointment please call me, Dawny Christien (Sports Massage Therapist) or my colleague, Ceira Kinch (Osteopath), at Teddington Osteopaths on 020 8977 3295.



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