Interview with our Reiki Practitioner

We asked Amy Fiske, our reiki practitioner, to answer some of the most common questions asked by our patients.
What is Reiki and what does it do?
Reiki is a complementary therapy that offers a natural healing system. It is Japanese in origin and means ‘universal life energy’. It is believed that it can help with many issues related to stress, such as muscle tension, headaches, poor concentration and anxiety.

Why should I have reiki?
Benefits include deep relaxation and a sense of peaceful well-being both physically and emotionally. Reiki is a safe and soothing treatment that can be comforting for everyone. In addition, it is currently offered by the NHS to support some patients with their treatment.

What happens during a treatment?
Reiki is a non-invasive treatment that takes place fully clothed and usually laying down. The method is a series of hand placements on the recipient’s body and can also be varied to focus on particular areas. The touch is gentle and there is no massage or manipulation. A session will normally take about 60 minutes.

How will I feel during and after the treatment? 
During the treatment patients may feel sensations such as heat, tingling and many fall asleep as it is a very relaxing experience! After the treatment individuals are encouraged to take it easy and drink plenty of water to flush out toxins and aid the healing process.

How often will I need a treatment?
The effects of reiki build and gather momentum over time therefore it is advisable to receive a regular treatment to initiate the healing process. Some long-standing conditions may require repeat sessions for significant improvement.

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