How to Prevent Summer Holiday Injuries

From tennis to golf and surfing to aqua aerobics, chances are that you get caught up in the moment and forget about injury prevention when you exercise on holiday.  It is no surprise that injuries sometimes occur and you come back in a worse state than when you left.

Of course, if you are generally fit and healthy there is no reason why you should not do the Macarena in the hotel pool and we would highly recommend that you do.  However, do try to:

Stay well hydrated, particularly if you are outside in hot weather

Take a few minutes to warm up

Be careful when using an unmanned gym or unfamiliar equipment

Do some gentle stretches when you have finished

Listen to your body – do not push yourself beyond your limits

Do not ignore pain or any other signs that things are not quite right

If it is too late this summer and you have managed to tweak your back while lifting weights in the hotel gym or pulled a muscle running along the beach, do remember that our practitioners are happy to give advice and offer treatment.

Our osteopaths and rehab experts can help to treat a number of injuries, including:

  • sprains & strains
  • runner’s knee
  • plantar fasciitis
  • back, neck & shoulder pain
  • tennis elbow
  • joint pain
  • muscle & tendon injuries
  • frozen shoulder & rotator cuff injuries

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