Healthy Backs, Festival Feet & £5.00 Discount

Whatever your plans for the Summer break, we have great advice from our practitioners on how to keep your back healthy on holiday.  We are also offering £5 off a 60 minute sports or deep tissue massage to the first 10 patients who book in for an appointment in July or August 2016 and mention our Summer 2016 Newsletter (subject to availability).

Our podiatrist also has some great tips for avoiding ‘festival feet’!  So, if you are lucky enough to be attending Glastonbury or have teens who are into the festival scene, take note!

Finally, find out why we are so proud of our osteopaths ….

Holidays Can Be A Pain In The Back

Sleeping in a different bed, be it a camp bed, a 5* hotel bed or a lounger by the pool, can play havoc with your back – not to mention the flight or drive you have to endure to get to your destination and back!  So read on, our tips will ensure you have a happier holiday!

When travelling:

  • Use an inflatable pillow to provide good support for your head and neck.
  • If you suffer from back pain, roll a pillow, blanket, or your jacket into a lower back support.
  • Once on your journey, try not to sit in one position for too long and get up for an occasional ‘stroll and stretch’.
  • Lift suitcases/bags/camping gear with care – always bend at the knees when lifting. If possible, pack two small bags rather than one so you can distribute the weight more evenly (or use a good quality ruck sack).

Your Hotel Bed/Lounger:

  • Place a travel pillow (you can get a blow up one) under your knees when lying on your back and between your knees when lying on your side. To help maintain the curve in your back while sleeping, try a rolled-up towel, wrapped around your waist.
  • If the bed is too soft, some hotels are happy to place a board under the mattress – it is worth asking.
  • When sitting on a lounger use a back support and stand and move around regularly.

Sleeping in a tent!

  • Always lie on a good quality camping mat or air mattress and take a travel pillow (or your own pillow from home) if you are used to using one.  Do not lie on a hard, damp floor!
  • Note the advice given above under ‘Your Hotel Bed/Lounger’.

Looking After Festival Feet

Our podiatrist, Baljit Brar, has this advice on how to look after your feet if you are attending Summer festivals:

  • Use wet wipes to wipe your feet daily.
  • Take plenty of socks and change them daily. Dirty, wet socks will breed germs.
  • If it is raining, wear waterproof footwear or place a plastic bag over your socks before putting on your shoes to create a waterproof barrier.
  • Flip flops are not recommended, they offer no protection in the crowded mosh pit or from sharp items left lying around.
  • If you do sustain an injury to your foot, be sure to clean the wound thoroughly and seek first aid before it becomes infected.

We Are So Proud Of Janet & Dominic


Congratulations to Janet Bell who is celebrating 20 years as an osteopath.

Janet founded the practice in 1997 then opened the current clinic in Stanley Road in 2002.  It is largely due to her hard work and dedication that we are still going strong.  Well done and thank you, Janet!

Dominic's Marathon

Congratulations, also,  to Dominic Malone, registered osteopath, accomplished gymnast and budding triathlete, who completed the London Marathon  in a very respectable 4hrs,16 minutes and 10 seconds!

Dominic told us:

“Running is not my thing and the training was hard but having a goal to achieve was very helpful.  It was the hardest physical challenge of my life on the day but it is the most liberating sense of euphoria crossing the line surrounded by family and friends.  Truly one of the best days of my life … and, as a result, I can’t rule out doing it again!”

Just a Reminder…

We have a new member of the team, Anita Harrison APNT (Dip), Massage Therapist.

Anita has over 10 years experience as an advanced clinical massage therapist, and has worked in Twickenham for 8 years.

She is qualified in holistic massage, sports injuries & massage, remedial massage, myofacial release, ScarWork and pregnancy massage, and offers a fusion of treatments to achieve the best possible results for you whether it be relaxing and rejuvenating, injury recovery, injury prevention, or release of pain and postural holding patterns. She is currently training, and soon to qualify in, hot & cold stone massage with foot reflex.

To book an appointment with any of our practitioners or for further information please contact us on 020 8977 3295.



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