Handy Tips and Facts – Podiatry

Foot fact:  most people have one foot larger than the other, so always get your feet measured before buying shoes.

Happy New Year to all of our patients. I hope you have had a good Christmas and that you are looking forward to a stress free and foot healthy 2016.  I know I am. You may be aware that Debbie Shears, Podiatrist,  has left this practice and handed over the reins to me. I plan to continue the excellent podiatry service she had been providing and hopefully introduce some new elements too.

I look forward to meeting you at some point at the Teddington Osteopaths podiatry clinic.

Handy tip:  Wear flip-flops around the swimming pool to minimize picking up nasty verrucae.


Do you remember, when you were younger, seeing a child wearing a white rubber sock on his or her foot and thinking ‘I wonder what that is for!’? Unfortunately for them, they already had a verruca.  Children don’t like to stand out for the wrong reason.  Minimise their risk by asking them to wear flip flops in communal changing areas and around the pool.  Most swimming pools have no problems with you doing this.

Over the next few months I shall be selecting certain foot pathologies and talking about them in a bit more depth.  These will include in-growing toe nails, verrucae, fungal nails etc.

If you would like to get involved please drop us a line and I will do my best to cover the topics that you are interested in.  Don’t be shy, this is not ‘Embarrassing Bodies’ it is just podiatry.

Not many people know that podiatry is another name for chiropody.

If you wish to make a podiatry appointment, or if you would like to see one of our other practitioners, our friendly receptionists are always happy to book you in.  Call us on Tel:  020 8977 3295.

I am available on Monday and Friday afternoons and every other Saturday afternoon. Home visits and visits to care homes can also be arranged on request.

Baljit Brar, Podiatrist

Remember, we are only given one pair of feet in our life time, they work hard for us so look after them.



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