Foot Health Care

General foot health care

The Foot Health CareĀ clinic at Teddington Osteopaths offers Ā general foot care for children and adults, including:

What is a ā€˜Medi-Pediā€™?

This luxurious treatment is carried out by our fully qualified foot healthcare practitioner and treats your feet to a thorough overhaul.Ā  Our medi-pedi service concentrates on the removal of hard skin, callus build-up, nail care and general foot health.Ā  Half pampering and half MOT, the medi-pedi will leave you with totally refreshed, great looking and feelingĀ feet.

What is Nail Reconstruction?

The Balance UV Gel System by NSI is a treatment which can dramatically improve the appearance of unhealthy toe nails, or even temporarily replace those beyond repair.

Nail reconstruction is suitable for patients suffering from mycotic nails (fungal infections), onychauxis (thickened nails), koilonychia (spoon nails), beaus lines, psoriasis, hapalonychia (soft nails), and discoloured nails.

The nail is treated accordingly (depending on the presenting problem), then a gel is applied to either reconstruct the nail, to seal it or to freshen up the colour to give it a natural look. Varnish can be applied to the finished nail.