February Offers & News

What better way to celebrate in February, the month of love, than by giving your mind and body some TLC and taking advantage of our fantastic offers.

Read on for news on how Cindy Milway is working with patients using the ‘Anatomy in Motion’ model.  We have advice on how to break the pain-stress-pain-stress cycle and Amy Fiske, our reiki practitioner, is offering £10 taster sessions to help relieve the symptoms of stress.

On an oriental note, the 5th of this month marked the start of Chinese New Year. Our acupuncture therapist looks at the auspicious Year of the Pig.

Treat Yourself & Relax with our February Offers

Reflexology £30 off when you book four treatments in advance.

Acupuncture Six treatments for the price of five.

Massage £20 off when you book four treatments in advance with Cindy.

Reiki £10 off first treatment or five for the price of four treatments.

Reiki Stress-busting Surgery on 11th May

Experience a reiki treatment with Amy Fiske and discover how reiki can help to relieve stress. Appointments last approximately 30 minutes and are charged at £10 per session.  Slots will be booked on a first come first served basis and are limited.  Call us now on 020 8977 3295 to take advantage of this amazing offer.  New patients only.

Beat the Stress~Pain~Stress~Pain Cycle

It is well documented that pain and stress have a close association, often impacting on one another and creating a chronic pain and stress cycle that is difficult to break.

There are many techniques that can be used to manage pain and the symptoms of stress; from exercise and meditation to getting good quality sleep and eating a healthy diet. However, sometimes professional assistance is needed.

Contact us for advice on 0208 977 3295 and look out for our article on how to beat the symptoms of stress (March issue of TW11 Magazine).

Anatomy in Motion

Cindy Milway, our remedial massage therapist, trained with Gary Ward on his immersive Anatomy in Motion (AiM) course and uses some areas of the Aim model in her practice.

AiM uses its very own “Flow Motion” model.  The gait cycle is assessed and used as a reference. The foot follows a specific series of movements through the gait cycle and, in turn, there is a response to this that occurs everywhere else in the body.  The Flow Motion model is the study of what appears to really happen when efficient flowing gait is observed through the three dimensions of human movement, from the foot and upwards through the kinetic chain.  Any part of these areas may require minor adjustments to achieve efficient flow and, therefore, healthy, pain-free biomechanics.

Cindy can provide guidance and work with patients using this model to see if it can assist with any restrictions. Call for more information 020 8977 3295.


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