Are you Embarrassed by Damaged or Discoloured Toe Nails?

Nail Reconstruction for Healthy Looking Toe Nails.

Do you feel uncomfortable wearing party shoes or sandals and flip flops during the warmer months?  Well, maybe I can help!

I recently attended a Balance UV Gel System course by NSI, a treatment which can dramatically improve the appearance of unhealthy toe nails, or even replace those beyond repair.

Nail reconstruction is suitable for both male and female patients suffering from:

  • mycotic nails (fungal infections)
  • onychauxis (thickened nails)
  • koilonychia (spoon nails)
  • beaus lines,
  • psoriasis,
  • hapalonychia (soft nails), and
  • discoloured nails

The nail is treated accordingly (depending on the presenting problem), then a gel is applied to either reconstruct the nail, to seal it or to freshen up the colour to give it a natural look. A clear or coloured varnish can also be applied to the finished nail.  The results can last between 2-4 weeks and in-fill appointments can help to prolong the life of the reconstruction.

If you would like further information feel free to contact me, Julie-nne Monahan – Foot Health Care practitioner, at Teddington Osteopaths.



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