My Coccyx, Pregnancy & TLC from Teddington Osteopaths


By guest blogger – Rachel Sheldrake (Teacher)

“My first visit to an osteopath was when I was just 9 years old!  I went for a wander round a furniture store, of the well-known Swedish variety, with my mum. Thinking I’d found the perfect comfy armchair I ran across the store and flopped into a lovely, squishy looking chair, only to find it was made of wood and wasn’t compatible with my coccyx. I was in agony!

The next day my mum took me to see Janet Bell of Teddington Osteopaths. She sorted out the immediate problem and before long I was a life-long convert to the benefits of osteopathy treatment.

At the age of 21, one of Janet’s colleagues suggested a small procedure to correct my coccyx. I put all my trust in her and she straightened out the offending bone. I then had follow up treatments with her to correct the new alignment in my spine. When she left the practice I was devastated but then I met Stuart Walker, also of Teddington Osteopaths.

I fell pregnant in 2014 and became convinced that I didn’t have the strength in my back and ribs to carry a baby to term. I saw Stuart regularly throughout the 9 months and booked an appointment a few days before my son was born. He helped me to feel more relaxed about my capabilities and the impending birth. I then saw him after the birth for an ‘MOT’ and was delighted not only to have survived but to come out with what seemed to be a stronger and more flexible spine than I’d ever known.

Unfortunately, carrying a young baby around all day, and night, has taken its toll on my poor body. Thank goodness I know that Stuart and the team are at the end of the phone and ready to rescue me whenever I need them!”

If you would like any information about the issues mentioned above please contact our team of osteopaths on Tel: 020 8977 3295.

Our grateful thanks to Rachel Sheldrake for sharing her story.




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