Biomechanical Assessments for Adults & Children with Patricia Avery, Podiatrist

What is Biomechanical Assessment of the Lower Limb?

Biomechanics is the assessment of feet and lower limbs in order to understand how well your feet and lower limbs function. Patricia Avery, podiatrist, will examine the joints of your lower limbs and undertake a gait analysis, looking at the way you walk, in order to identify links between any symptoms you may have and the position and function of your feet and lower limbs.

Treatment Plans

Options for treatment include prescribing custom orthotics and insoles, recommending exercises, footwear advice and mobilisation techniques. Poor movement patterns can lead to painful injuries developing, so it is important that these are addressed early on.

Children’s Orthotics

As children’s feet grow, we can provide an Outgrow Protection Program Insurance which accommodates younger patients by offering one free orthotic replacement per 2 year contract period for orthotics which have been outgrown by children under the age of 18.

 A Note on Podiatry for Children

Podiatry for children, also known as Podopaediatrics can deal with many childhood conditions such as Severs, Osgood-Shlatters, growing pains, painful flat feet, toe walking, intoeing gait and general conditions such as in-growing toenails and infections.




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