The Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

The post summertime glow is still with us, the weather is great and Winter is still a distant concept. Very often, the changing weather can be the signal of busier times to come. The run-up from here to the end of the year is often one of the most hectic times of year, and it’s rare that our work doesn’t follow suit.  So ….. think Deep Tissue Massage!

In fact, at any time of year, a combination of deadlines, worries, family, and just trying to fit it all in can wreak havoc with our sleep pattern and ability to wind-down at the end of the day. Combine this with a body that aches from being at a computer too long, lugging shopping around and racing around like a lunatic, and you’ve got yourself in a bit of a pickle, and soon your general health is affected.

I have practiced deep tissue massage for over 10 years. It’s an advanced set of techniques, applied rhythmically and methodically, with the objective to deeply relax the systems and reboot mind and body, leaving you feeling like you just pushed ‘restart’. The treatment I offer differs from your ‘run-of-the-mill’ massage in that it is tailored specifically to your needs. I don’t just go through a ‘routine’, I target and treat the pains and imbalances in the tissues (including those nagging knots), like a Sports Massage would, but with the added dimension of deep stress relief, both physical and cognitive.


Take time to Ctrl+Alt+Delete Stress

Deep Tissue Massage

Appointments are available for both 30mins and 1hr, so please do get in touch with me, Dawny Christien, Sports Massage and Deep Tissue Massage Therapist, and look after your health by staying on top of stress.

Should you require any further information about any of our treatments please contact Teddington Osteopaths Tel:  020 89773295.



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