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Blink and the school summer holidays will be over.Ā  Are your children ready for the new term?

Like many parents you may have taken your children for eye tests and dental check-ups during the school summer holidays but have you thought of having their posture and feet checked too?

Childrenā€™s Foot Health Check

Now is the time to do something about those dreaded verrucae, in-growing toenails and fungal infections and to check your childā€™s gait, balance and so on.

Are your children wearing the right type of school shoes and do they have the right trainers, sports or dance shoes? Do they need insoles for added support/correction?

Our podiatrist is on hand to help with these and any other concerns that you may have about your childrenā€™s feet.

Childrenā€™s Posture, Pain & Text Neck

We are all aware that the number of young children using mobile phones and computer screens is increasing. This is often done whilst sitting for far too long in what can potentially be quite damaging positions (eg sitting without back support), as a result we are frequently seeing children with poor posture and back, neck and shoulder pain (eg text neck).

Have your children been complaining of any grumbling or recurring musculoskeletal (ie muscle and joint) pain or injuries. Are they fit to participate in school sports, dance club or other similar activities?

What type of school bags should they be encouraged to use and is it possible to prevent heavy bags from causing long term damage to their growing bodies?

Our osteopaths are happy to offer advice regarding the above as well as treating any ongoing posture or musculoskeletal issues.

Please call us onĀ Tel: 020 8977 3295 to speak to one of our team or to make an appointment with one of our practitioners.

We also offer sports massage, rehabilitation and acupuncture.


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