How Do I Avoid Back Pain At Christmas? (Part 2)

Janet Bell, Osteopath

It’s almost Christmas, you are nearly there. Check out these two tips on how to avoid back pain this Christmas.

 Tackling the Turkey

Oven Colour

When you twist your back whilst bending, your back is vulnerable to injury such as muscle strains and disc injury.

When getting the turkey in and out of the oven – bend your knees and keep your back straight.

 Christmas Snoozes

Sleep Colour

It’s exhausting enjoying all the festivities. Time for a power nap?  Make sure that you are sitting comfortably.  Sofas are notoriously bad for your back. The softer they are, the less support they give to your low back.

Try to sit upright and put a cushion in the small of your back to give adequate lumbar support.

A slumped position, although it may feel comfortable at first, will leave you feeling less rested when you get up than you first thought.

Osteopaths are able to advise, prevent and treat.  Don’t let back pain spoil your Christmas.









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