Anatomy in Motion

Cindy Milway, our remedial massage therapist has trained with Gary Ward on his immersive Anatomy in Motion (AiM) course and has been using some areas of the AiM model in her practice.

Anatomy in Motion uses its very own “Flow Motion” model.  The gait cycle is assessed and used as a reference.

The foot follows a specific series of movements through the gait cycle and, in turn, there is a response to this that occurs everywhere else in the body.

The Flow Motion model is the study of what appears to really happen when efficient flowing gait is observed through the three dimensions of human movement, from the foot and upwards through the kinetic chain.  Any part of these areas may require minor adjustments to achieve efficient flow and, therefore, healthy, pain-free biomechanics.

“Looking forward to reading @GaryWard_AiM ‘s game changing book #whatthefoot after two fascinating sessions with Cindy @TW11Osteopaths working on alignment from the feet up.” Jasmijn (patient).

For further information call us and ask to speak to Cindy Milway on 020 8977 3295.


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